6430 Flamenco Street – La Costa

Our buyer had been searching for the right home for months.  Thankfully he was not afraid of doing some remodeling as long as the house was in the right location and had the space he needed.  It is always great to work with a client that has vision and creative ideas.  The main issue here (aside from the pink marble which was easy to change) was the small doorway between the living room and kitchen.  It felt very closed off and blocked views to the tropical backyard.  With the help of our awesome contractor we opened up the entire wall adding a support beam, replaced the staircase with modern floating stairs made by engineering steel support into the wall and wrapping the treads with wood.  Every wall in the house was given a smooth texture, new paint and baseboards, recessed lights, new fixtures and we were able to find him a great price on that gorgeous European White Oak flooring that he had installed throughout the entire house!